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Bearing steel ball features

Bearing in the work is under great pressure and friction force, so the requirement bearing steel has high and even hardness and wear resistance, and high elastic limit. On the uniformity of the chemical composition of bearing steel, the content and distribution of non-metallic inclusions are very demanding, and the distribution of the carbide bearing steel is also called the high carbon steel luo, a carbon Wc is approximately 1%, Wcr luo content of 0.5% to 0.5%. Bearing steel is divided into high carbon luo, luo bearing steel bearing steel, carburized bearing steel, high temperature stainless bearing steel, the bearing steel and the magnetic bearing steel six categories.

Areas of application: bearing steel balls are widely used in high speed low noise bearings, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, slide rail, universal ball, bags, electronics industry, also can be used to grinding medium.

Features: hardness can reach HRC62-65 degrees, the material has good abrasion resistance, cold after ChengGangQiu precision can reach one over ten thousand of a millimeter, on the surface of the mirror effect. Color as the chrome color, but can't welding.

Categories: high precision steel, wear-resistant steel ball, grinding ball.

Specification: the main product specifications for the 0.5 mm ~ 250 mm Φ Φ.