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The current situation of the development of steel industry

China's steel industry since the beginning of the founding of the leap from the technology constantly updated and industry development, China's steel industry development prospects are bright. But the steel industry has not been able to reach a peak, because today's steel industry development situation has greatly hindered. It comes down to a few factors also is in a state without breaking, so the development of the whole steel industry are still in a flat stage.

1. The raw materials

In steel made great efforts to increase in our country, introduced the bearing steel national standards GB/T18254-2001. At the same time, through the introduction of production equipment, improve technology, improve the level of steelmaking, strive for the production of high quality steel. But at the moment, the overall stability of steel needs to be improved, when the market oversupply, quality will be better than it was in short supply. And some steel mills is given priority to with interests, shoddy. Many factors, but also will affect the stability of steel ball.

2. Supplementary material

Steel processing accessories including the tools and all kinds of abrasive grinding ball. Grinding wheel is an important tool of steel ball grinding, the early 80 s, our country implements the nationalization of grinding wheel production. But in the use effect and the import of grinding wheel there is still a gap. Because of some steel ball factory will be back to the original grinding plate. But traditional grinding plate quality, will directly affect the steel ball surface quality. Can also affect the overall stability of steel ball quality.

3. The process

Because s role in the reform and opening up, promote the enterprises at home and abroad exchanges and interactions, has been gradually ascending ball process in China. But look from the overall technological level and the overall steel machining allowance due to restricted by steel ball processing machine tools, materials and mould, machining allowance of steel ball is relatively large, steel ball processing materials need to be improved.

From the above factors throughout the development of steel industry in our country, on the whole than a leap in the early years of the founding of the progress, but the details still need to put the deficiency. Make whole ball into a new level, industry level precision manufacturing accessories for us oil industry and steel industry itself.