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Shandong steel ball on the purpose of the steel ball for you

Steel ball is the basis of the important parts, especially the precision industrial ball plays a huge role in the development of national economy. In some special conditions, often need special material steel ball, to complete the required to achieve the function of the different environment. In fact, some special material steel ball has been widely used in the national economy each domain, including 9 cr18, 3 cr13 stainless steel, copper, aluminum, steel and titanium alloy agate, glass, ceramic ball, etc. Their popularization and application, not only promoted the development of the steel ball manufacturing, but also promote the technology development of related industries, science and technology progress. Steel ball bearing is the most important part of, also is the rolling element bearing industry to use the most. Its quality directly affects the quality of bearing. Steel ball production process after the steel ball automatic cleaning, since